Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Power of Relationships

Summer 2008 is going to be known around Beachbody as the Summer of Support. What does that mean, you ask? I know that connecting with someone who is concerned with your success makes you want to keep up with the exercising and proper eating. We will be linking up with each other and holding each other accountable for our different exercise and nutrition changes. Through emails and online posts, we will be checking on each other and cheering each other on to success! Even though we may not be doing the same activity or eating the same foods, we CAN make sure that we keep moving forward. There may be small challenges during the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but they all will be geared toward YOUR weight loss success!! I have seen the power of relationships in action. I watched people who think they are all alone and no one on their side be embraced by a community of like-minded people, and they have seen amazing results. I have seen Success Stories that share the power of a friend or a coach on their weight loss. I see people daily making new friends through WOWY and the message boards. Relationships - connecting with others and truly desiring the best for them - are so important, especially in this day and time when anger and hate seem to be running rampant.

I encourage you to join me and link up with myself and someone that you know this summer! Let's make Summer 2008 the HEALTHIEST one EVER!!!

Have a wonderful day, and be blessed!

Just Do Something!!

You know, when you stop exercising for a while, it can be really hard to come back to it. I have been really struggling with my morning workouts since coming back from over a month's rest and recuperation from surgery. Sometimes when that alarm clock goes off, I just want to turn over and get an extra hour of sleep. But, in order to combat that, I have to tell myself those three little words...just do SOMETHING! Even if I just get up and stretch today, or I get outside for a walk in the fresh air, or I get my little weights and do some bicep/tricep work for a few minutes, that's something. I am finally back to the point where I can do my Hip Hop Abs, but I know that the little things I did helped me, too. People will tell you that if you are not breaking a sweat every time you work out, then you are not doing anything. I don't believe that. Any movement is okay, as long as you start somewhere.

So, what SOMETHING will you do today? Do you have it scheduled with all the rest of your appointments?