Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Power of Relationships

I was thinking about a lot of things this weekend, and one of the things that I am most grateful for is the multiple relationships I have built through WOWY and the message boards in Beachbody. Without this unique support system, I really would NOT have made it a year and 3 months in this new healthier lifestyle. I also would not have found some amazing people who are like minded, determined, and the best cheerleaders in the world! Some of these people have become more than my workout buddies - they have become friends.

No man is an island. God did not create man to be alone. He created us to interact with each other and build relationships. It is important to be connected to someone, especially when you are making changes. It makes things easier when you have someone there to exercise, keep you accountable, or just talk things through. Now, we don't connect easily with everyone - there are some people who are negative, don't want to be bothered, envious, not willing to make positive change, and just plain mean. Those people we love from a distance, because anything that you are around for long enough will influence you if you are not careful. We tend to be drawn toward people who give off positive energy, are helpful, and are taking actions to make change. Beachbody's people are exactly that way - so positive, so encouraging, so helpful, so incredible.

Communication and behavior helps us to see who people truly are. It shows us whether we can connect with them or not. In WOWY and on the message boards, the words that we speak are all we have. It is vital that we make our words to each other positive and encouraging. You really never know what the words you type or speak will do to change someone's day - or their life - for the better. YOU may be the only positive thing in their life at the time!

Let's connect!

Working together - we can make things happen!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

SERVICE - what a Beachbody coach is all about!

I went to Vacation Bible School Monday night.

The theme is God's Big Backyard, and we are discussing service. Service to our families and friends, service to our neighbors, service to our communities, and learning how Jesus served so we can model our lives the same way. The instructor for the adult class gave us a challenge for the week - to set aside some time to do something good for someone else. Some ideas she gave were to join a missions group, become a mentor (Big Brothers/Big Sisters for example), visit a nursing home or senior community center, do some type of volunteer work, help clean up the community, or feed at the homeless shelter.

When I came home and really thought about it, this IS what Beachbody Coaches are all about!!! SERVING OTHERS! We are in this business because we have a heart for helping other people to look and feel healthy and fit, building up self-esteem and confidence, and showing others how to get their lives on the fast track financially. As coaches, we are out there, in the community, sharing our stories and doing amazing things for others. We are serving our customers, our downline coaches, and everyone we know who wants to change their lives for the better! We are serving just like Jesus (whether we know it or not)!

So, ask yourself:

Once you answer that question, then go and do it!! Remember, you have the support of an incredible company and other amazing coaches behind you - don't be afraid!! The worst others can say is "No, thanks".

Let's go out there and serve like Jesus!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Come Workout With Me!

Hey everyone! Come Workout With Me!!

In the years that I have attempted to keep a consistent workout schedule (and failed), I have never seen anything like the WOWY online virtual gym! WOWY stands for Work Out With You, and it is one of the critical elements that helped me to lose 48 pounds since March 2007 and keep it off. What is it? Well, think about how a regular gym works.

You go to the gym, and you get on the treadmill (or do a rotation on the weight machines, or take a class). There are others there from different households doing different workouts, but they are all there with a similar purpose - to lose weight, to tone up, and to maintain their great shape. Now, imagine that all the gyms in the country were connected to each other. You were able to see photos of other people in different states doing their workouts at the very same time. Again, everyone is doing different workouts, but all are there for the same purpose - to lose weight, to tone up, and to maintain.

Hey, here's an added bonus - this new, interconnected gym is absolutely FREE to join! No monthly gym memberships to pay, no additional gas to use, no extra daycare fees for keeping the kids until you do your workout, FREE!!! Wait, one more thing - what if you could WIN something for doing your workout that day? Yes, WIN CASH AND PRIZES UP TO $1,000.00 DAILY!

Well, that's what WOWY is all about!

You log in free to the online virtual gym, select your workout (whether it's staying in and doing one of the incredible Beachbody programs, taking your dog for a long walk, going out to swim with the family, etc.), say hi to the people who are already there, go do your thing, and come back and click "Done". That's it! You not only got in a great workout, you now are entered into the drawing for the prize of the day!! You can also invite your family and friends to join you and give them a chance to win as well! Plus, as you work out more consistently, people who are logged in see that you are working out at the same time, and will send you an invitation to work out. So you are meeting new people across the country that are changing themselves for the better, just like you!

Oh my goodness! With so much motivation to do your workout every day, why wouldn't you get started? Come workout with me in WOWY - you will be GLAD you did! :-)

Remember, if you need ANYTHING, please feel free to contact me - I am just an email away! Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Setting Goals

As we get ready to head into the month of June, it's time to take stock of where we are right now. I know that a lot of us have different goals for different areas of our lives (work, family, financial, spiritual), but do we have goals for our fitness and nutrition? It is important to figure out what direction we want to go, or it will be really, really hard for us to get there. All it takes is asking ourselves one question:

Where do I want to be in terms of my fitness and nutrition at the end of THIS month?

The reason we are just looking at the month and not at the ultimate goal is because it is so much easier to accomplish smaller steps on the way to the ultimate goal. It is more difficult (and depressing) to look at the big picture. Focus in on the smaller steps to get you to the big picture! I believe that if you write down specific things that you want to accomplish this month in fitness and nutrition, you WILL make those changes, and it will increase your motivation to do more!

Remember when you make your goals, make them SMART:
S - specific: Focus in on a few things that you are going to accomplish
M - measurable: Make sure that you have a method to see that you are making progress
A - achievable: Can you truly do this (do you believe in your ability)?
R - realistic: Is it realistically possible to achieve this?
T - timed: Your deadline for achievement on this goal

Here are a couple of my goals for June:
- I will finish the Rockin' Body rotation by the end of June.
- I will use the Team Beachbody meal planner at least 2 weeks of this month.

If you want to send me your goals so that we can hold each other accountable, you are more than welcome to do it! Just send me an email at with your fitness and nutrition goals, and I will help you stay accountable to them!! Now let's get those June goals DOWN! :-)