Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Power of Relationships

I was thinking about a lot of things this weekend, and one of the things that I am most grateful for is the multiple relationships I have built through WOWY and the message boards in Beachbody. Without this unique support system, I really would NOT have made it a year and 3 months in this new healthier lifestyle. I also would not have found some amazing people who are like minded, determined, and the best cheerleaders in the world! Some of these people have become more than my workout buddies - they have become friends.

No man is an island. God did not create man to be alone. He created us to interact with each other and build relationships. It is important to be connected to someone, especially when you are making changes. It makes things easier when you have someone there to exercise, keep you accountable, or just talk things through. Now, we don't connect easily with everyone - there are some people who are negative, don't want to be bothered, envious, not willing to make positive change, and just plain mean. Those people we love from a distance, because anything that you are around for long enough will influence you if you are not careful. We tend to be drawn toward people who give off positive energy, are helpful, and are taking actions to make change. Beachbody's people are exactly that way - so positive, so encouraging, so helpful, so incredible.

Communication and behavior helps us to see who people truly are. It shows us whether we can connect with them or not. In WOWY and on the message boards, the words that we speak are all we have. It is vital that we make our words to each other positive and encouraging. You really never know what the words you type or speak will do to change someone's day - or their life - for the better. YOU may be the only positive thing in their life at the time!

Let's connect!

Working together - we can make things happen!!

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