Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Speak Those Things!

6 months left in 2008 - and you are doing SO great!!! I am excited for your changes, and I can't wait to see what the rest of 2008 holds for YOU! :-)

Now I know that you are wondering, "What is she talking about? She must not be talking about me because of ." Why is it that we think so negatively of ourselves sometimes? Why is it so difficult to speak positive things over our lives? What is going on with us??

There is real power in the words that we speak. The Bible says that death and life "...are in the power of the tongue". If you say that you are defeated, then you already are. If you say that nothing is going to change, then it will not. If you say that no one cares, then you will never see those people that do. You can change the course of your life just by saying good things about yourself and the situation you are in. Even if things LOOK bad, they can change by the words that you speak about it. Saying positive things about yourself can lift your spirits, brighten the day, and empower you to do something positive. Saying positive things about yourself will eventually drive all those negative thoughts and words away. Now don't be fooled - it IS hard to do if you have been speaking negatively for a long time, but it can be done. I challenge you to take the next six months and determine that you will speak positively over yourself and your situation, no matter what is going on. Call wonderful things into existence with your words. Try to speak positively do this on a daily basis. See what things happen for you this last part of 2008! You will definitely be amazed!!

Oh, and YES, the first two statements above ARE FOR YOU - from me!!! :-) :-)

Have a fabulous day!
Clarissa (misscmac)

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