Thursday, January 17, 2008

National "Before" Day - February 4, 2008

Hey everyone!!

Have you heard about the new national holiday? It's called "National 'Before' Day". Yes, the day after Super Bowl Sunday is the day that you can start a new healthy lifestyle!!

All you have to do is take your "before" picture, commit to exercise at least 20 times in 30 days, and control your portions. Then on March 6 (Day 30), take your "after" picture. You will be surprised by what you see! Keep it up, and you could shock everyone with a rockin' body by summertime!!

Don't forget, you could WIN UP TO $1,000.00 every day just for working out in the WOWY online virtual gym! Now that's what I call MOTIVATION!!

FREE SIGNUP - visit my website ( and click on "Play the Game" to register! I would love to help you take that first step to the best YOU that you can be!!

Looking forward to seeing you start YOUR journey on February 4!

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