Thursday, February 12, 2009

Working On That Six-Pack!!

Summer is approaching pretty quickly! It's time to start preparing for swimsuit weather as soon as you can. A lot of people are looking for that six pack to show off at the pool or at the beach, but are just not certain how to get it. What can you do?

It is said that 80% of a person's transformation comes from the food that they put in their bodies. This is so true, because if you put junk in, you cannot see great things come out! Our bodies crave quality foods and surprisingly, it DOES RESPOND to quality foods. I have noticed in my own transformation that when I eat bad foods like cake, greasy burgers, french fries, and drink sodas, I feel sluggish and have absolutely no energy. However, eating minimally processed foods like fresh salads, multigrain breads and cereals, and drinking plenty of water keeps me energized and ready for the day. Eating the right foods also sheds body fat, so you can actually begin to see some results in your core area. It is important to include protein, carbohydrates, and the correct kind of fats in your meals. A great way to start eating the right foods is to take a look at Michi's Ladder (in the "Diet and Nutrition" tab of your main page). It is a guide to the best - and worst - foods to eat for phenomenal results in your transformation. Most of the workout programs come with an eating plan to show you the right foods to eat to help with the results. Take that back out and see if your refrigerator or pantry needs organizing!!

Oh, and don't forget to work out! Your workout program works your TOTAL body, including your core muscles. It helps your body to balance itself and get excellent results! Both cardio training (that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat) and strength training (that help you build muscle) are needed to create the six pack abs that you are looking to have. Yes, it is okay to do ab exercises every day, but if you are not incorporating cardio and strength workouts, then how will people see those amazing abs you have built?? Balance is key for building your body. Take the time to get a workout in as often as you can. Even 10 minutes of activity is an excellent beginning. Walking, running, biking, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, or a Beachbody DVD - it all adds up!!

You can start TODAY getting the six pack that you desire for Summer 2009! I hope that these tips will help!

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