Saturday, March 14, 2009

Put YOU On Your Schedule!!

In the survey I sent out last month, so many people stated their number one fitness challenge was MAKING TIME. They are busy employees, business owners, mothers/fathers/brothers/sisters/sons/daughters, and even though they want to lose weight and get healthy, there is just not enough hours in the day to do so. This is true. In this day and age, we are all very busy people and do not take time out to focus on our needs.

I encourage you to SCHEDULE TIME FOR YOU! Put YOU on your personal schedule! So many positive things can happen during the workout time you have scheduled. You receive more energy, you burn calories, you may solve a pressing problem because your mind is focused on something else, you start making healthy decisions that will change your blood pressure, your cholesterol, your asthma, your heart disease, your diabetes, or any other health problem for the better. Think about it - what good does it do you to push yourself in your other tasks and set your health on the back burner? Later on, you may have to pay for your lack of self-care. Don't let that be your future. You can take charge, starting TODAY!

We write personal events and appointments on our calendars so we do not miss them. Why not write your own name in a 30 minute time slot and devote that time to our exercise regimen? Make yourself as important as your daily to-do list, because you ARE that important. Believe it.

During your planning session for next week, please find at least ONE 30 minute time slot where you can put your name. Write your name in that slot. When that time comes up, stop whatever you are doing and resist the urge to do some other work. Focus on YOU. Put in your DVD and work out, or go outside and walk, or do jumping jacks, stretch your body - just get moving!! After that 30 minutes is up, finish out your day and see how different you feel. Do you have more energy? Does your body feel better? Did you make healthier choices because of that time you spent exercising?

And that was all from 30 minutes of taking care of you!

When you get into the habit of daily scheduling time for yourself, you will start seeing results come quickly, and find a new excitement in YOU!

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