Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kick it Up a Notch!!

Happy New Year!!

I hope that you had a restful and blessed holiday season, and you are now ready to get back in the groove!!

I love watching the Food Network. I enjoy watching the different chefs create delectable meals, and a lot of times I take those ideas and make them my own. One of the shows I like to watch is Emeril Live. It's not live anymore since he retired from the Food Network, but his shows are still great. One of the things he loves to say is "Let's kick this up a notch!" Usually after he says that, he adds something spicy, or something extra to the pot or pan.

For the New Year 2009, let US each kick it up a notch - in a HEALTHY way!!

In your exercise routine, add an extra 20 or 30 minute walk. Do an extra set of squats or an extra set of tricep dips. Invite 2 people to come and WOWY with you at least one time a week. Turn on your favorite CD or song on your iPod and dance. Play active games with the kids or grandkids for an extra 30 minutes. As you take the groceries in, do 10 bicep curls with the bags. Put that brand new Wii Fit to good use.

In your nutrition plan, try ONE new fruit or vegetable every day. Use your Beachbody meal planner or to track your calorie intake. Try a brand new recipe. Change your white bread to whole wheat or multigrain. Eliminate one soda from your current intake every week (or every two weeks if you need a bit longer). Add herbs and spices to your food instead of salt. Use ground turkey or lean ground beef instead of regular. Add one serving of fish to your weekly meal plan. Substitute fruit or frozen yogurt for dessert.

In your everyday life, take some time to BREATHE DEEP. Sit in silence (no TV, no phone, no internet) for at least 10 minutes a day. Reconnect with a friend or family member. Stretch your body for 5 or 10 minutes before you put in your workout DVD. Find a different way to combat stress in your world. Laugh out loud. Clear out the clutter.

These are just a few suggestions. There are countless ways that you can kick 2009 up a notch for yourself and your journey to excellent health and wellness! I encourage you to make this year your HEALTHIEST ever!!! If you are ready, then I am here to assist - just let me know!!

Keep doing it BIG, everyone!

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