Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stop "THE AMAZING RACE" With Your Weight Loss!!

One of my absolute favorite reality shows is "The Amazing Race". The basic premise of the show is that a group of 11 pairs of people (with some type of relationship) race around the world for the ultimate prize of 1 million dollars. They make pit stops where they have to rest and recharge before they start racing again. They have things that they must do in each country they land, and they are just trying to get it all done and make it to the pit stop, so they will not be eliminated.

Did you know a LOT of people think that their weight loss journey is an "amazing race"? It's really interesting to watch - I know because I was one of these people!! They start off January 1 with big goals and begin the "race" to transform their bodies and their health. They will make "pit stops" because they think exercise and eating well are too hard to do. If they don't have someone to "pair" up with, then by the end of this month or sometime next month, they will "eliminate" themselves from their "ultimate prize" of being healthy and fit for life! Some people get into this cycle every single year!! Witness right here!

I am here to encourage you to STOP THE AMAZING RACE with your weight loss journey!!

This is a journey that is taken one step at a time, one meal at a time, one exercise at a time. You did not develop unhealthy habits overnight, and you will not get rid of those habits in one quick weekend. It is going to take time to lose weight. It is going to take discipline to learn the right foods to eat. It is going to take a change in your thinking to make all of this a habit. It is going to take consistency in making the right choices for yourself and your best health. Every day, you will need to take action on the goals you made for yourself. You should connect with an accountability partner to keep yourself on track. (Beachbody gives you a FREE fitness coach to be your partner!) Change is difficult, but it really does get easier the more you keep at it.

Remember, YOU are the key to making things happen - or keeping yourself away from all you desire.

Don't "eliminate" yourself from your very best life in 2009! Your success is right around the corner! Slow down, stay consistent, and WIN YOUR HEALTH BACK!

(Please contact me anytime to help you to YOUR success!)

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