Thursday, December 4, 2008

End of the Year - NO COMPROMISES!!

We all made it! It's the first week of the LAST MONTH of 2008!! Time seems to have flown by. You know, only a couple of years ago, I would have used this holiday season as an excuse to do whatever I wanted. Thanksgiving came first, followed by the week of my birthday, then Christmas parties started happening, then Christmas Day lunch was HUGE, then New Years parties. So by the time the new year came, I was working harder to get all the weight back off. It was frustrating to do year after year. How many of you feel the same way??

As we come into the holiday season this year, I encourage YOU to not compromise your healthy goals just because of the season. You are worth the effort that you have put into yourself this year! Keep up the work that you started on your health and weight loss this year! I have kept up with each of your stories, and I am just totally amazed at the progress of my team! I am proud to say that you have lost weight, lowered your blood pressure, lowered your cholesterol level, and a few of you have reduced the amount of medication that you are taking!!! That is EXCELLENT news!

All of this from nothing more than eating healthier and exercising! WOW!!! See, it CAN BE DONE!!!

Here are a few quick tips to help keep this holiday season HEALTHY:

* Carry healthy snacks with you in the car, like granola bars, grapes, bananas, or carrot sticks. It will help curb the cravings for the not-so-healthy foods.

* Take an extra lap around the inside of the mall while shopping - to get that extra walk in for the day.

* If you are shopping online this year, bend over in your chair and stretch your back a few times. Stretching is very good for flexibility.

* Find a healthier alternative for your favorite holiday recipes.

* Have a salad with light dressing instead of a burger and fries for lunch.

* Take your own healthy appetizer to the Christmas party! Pita chips and hummus, a veggie tray with light ranch dipping sauce, or a big fruit bowl are all great options for the party season!!

Do not allow the busyness of the holidays to keep you from your best health EVER! NO COMPROMISES!!!

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