Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let's Make 2009 OUR YEAR!!!

I have heard the saying, "Make 2009 YOURS" a lot this past month. That is all well and good and that makes me excited, but here's a thought.....why not make 2009 OURS??

Goals always seem more achievable when they are worked on as a TEAM. Collaboration toward a common goal and having that accountability partner who makes sure you are progressing is vital to this. When you experience success, then that success is shared among those with whom you have connected. Plus it motivates them to create their own success, too! When you have a setback, you do not have to figure it out alone. You can reconnect and set up another set of strategies to try and other perspectives may appear that you will never see by yourself. It also may help a team member get an idea for their own goals! Everyone wins when you work as a TEAM!

I currently coach a team of 3 highly motivated individuals who encourage Beachbody customers to see results in their workouts. We work together on our goals. When one of us succeeds, we all celebrate with them. When one of us has a setback, we think about solutions that may help that person get started again. It's a team effort, and I make it a point to let my team know they are never alone. I am also part of an incredible mastermind group, and it's the same type thing. When one succeeds, we all celebrate. When one has an obstacle, they bring it to the team and we brainstorm ideas to help them progress again.

Make sure that you connect only with those who are really serious about achieving their goals and someone who is NOT negative. Those two things will stop the progress even before it begins! Now maybe your positivity and your aggressive goal seeking will jumpstart that person, but please DO NOT, under any circumstances, allow their qualities to infect you and make you stop moving forward in 2009!!

I encourage you to share your 2009 goals with someone. Become accountable to someone else for your success, and be that accountability partner for someone else. You will be glad that you did!

So - say it with me - Let's make 2009 OUR YEAR!!

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