Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 is around the corner - ARE YOU READY??

I am SO excited! The New Year is heading our way, and with it new opportunities, new possibilities, and another chance to transform ourselves for the better! Let's get fit and FABULOUS together! We are here to help each other succeed!! This is the place - and now is the time!

I do not like making resolutions because they are just empty promises. Resolutions leave too much room for turning away from them and dropping them altogether. I am starting to use the word COMMITMENT. That means that you are drawing your line in the sand, saying to yourself and to the world, I WILL DO THIS, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES! Even if you have a bad day or a bad week, your COMMITMENT will keep you pushing forward to success and REAL results!!

For the next 90 days, let's stay committed to your own goals, and find a friend whose goals you can commit to sharing. Accountability is so important in this, and consistency will lead to your victory!! So take a moment to answer these questions for yourself:

-> What are you committed to seeing in your health and fitness future in 2009?

-> Who do you plan to share this commitment with?

-> What are your "before" stats (chest, waist, hips, thighs, upper arms, weight)?

-> Where will you post your accountability for the next 90 days (your personal blog, emails to your accountability partner, journal that is in your home, etc.)? Feel free to use this place and the comments section as your accountability posting if you would like! I would LOVE to be your partner!!

Remember to take your goodbye photo and take update pictures every 30 days. Watch yourself change and see the results you have been longing for!! Also, remember to celebrate EVERY success!! Whether you lost 2 pounds this week, or only 1 inch, NOTHING is too small to celebrate and help motivate you to that next success!!

If you are interested or just curious about what YOU can achieve for a 90 day COMMITMENT to yourself, commit to YOURSELF - TODAY!

Let's make 2009 our time to SHINE!!!!

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